Bundle of Super Soft Makeup Sponge (Celestial) and Wet & Dry Sponge Case

Rs. 780 Rs. 865

Buy the Super Soft Makeup Sponge (Celestial) with the Wet & Dry Sponge Case


1 Wet & Dry Sponge case

1 Super soft makeup sponge (celestial)


Meet the makeup sponge that's out of this world soft! Celestial not only looks but also performs like a dream. The Celestial makeup sponge is soft, light, fluffy, squishy and porous - just the perfect technology to give you a very natural, airbrushed look. 

It feels fluffy, light and soft - just like cotton on your skin. 

Here's what you need to know about Plume Celestial Makeup Sponge:

- Super soft, light and super squishy!

- Perfect for a natural everyday airbrushed makeup look

- Gives a cottony soft smooth feel on your skin

- Is very porous, and expands to a much bigger size, thus absorbs less amount of makeup products


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