Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag
Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag
Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag
Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag

Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag

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PLUME brings to you the Glam Gang Makeup Brush set. This makeup brush set not only gives you a flawless eye makeup look, but also looks very glam! 

We have specially designed the makeup brushes to be among the softest and highest quality brushes available in the beauty world! You will fall in love with the super amazing quality of our brushes.


01: Glam Gang Makeup Bag


02: Flat top Kabuki foundation brush

This is a dense flat top brush that will give you the ease of stippling your foundation in, seamlessly. The brushes are of very high quality, thus feel very soft on the skin and blend makeup within seconds.

03: Dense Contour/Conceal Brush

The dense contour brush is a straight cut contour brush, which could have multiple uses as well. You can create a sharp contour with this, and also blend in liquid/cream concealers under your eyes, given its shape.


04: Dual sided Angled Flat brush 

This dual sided brush is your saviour for a perfect base makeup look. These brushes are very versatile. With the angled Flat brush, you can contour, blush, highlight etc!


05: Dual sided Flat Brush 

With the flat brush you can apply foundation, apply powder contour, apply blush, and what not.  


06: Small fluffy powder/highlighter Brush

The small fluffy powder brush can be used to powder under your eyes, on your nose, sides of the nose and on the contours of your face. This one is also a great tool to apply your highlighter.


07: Big fluffy powder brush

Blush your way to glory with this one! If you are a less blush person, use the angled one, but if you want to blush all the way go with this one. If not, then this one is a classic powder brush, which can be used to powder your full face.

08: Angled Crease Blending Brush / Nose contour Brush

This is an angled medium fluffy brush that can handle your crease shade application well. It is also a super awesome nose contour brush!

09: Tapered fluffy blending brush

We have a big fluffy eyeshadow blending brush that can help you blend all those shades in, for a perfect eye look.

10: Flat Eyeshadow applicator brush (Large)

PLUME Eye makeup brush set has a dense flat eyeshadow brush (Large) for convenient lid shade application

11: Dome Flat Eyeshadow applicator brush (Medium)

This makeup brush is also a flat dense applicator brush. It helps you apply the eyeshadows in the smaller end of your lids.


12: Smudger Brush/Concealer brush

We have a medium smudger brush to help you create flawless eye makeup looks. This one can also be used as a concealer brush.

13: Pencil Eyeshadow brush

The pencil Eyeshadow brush helps you smudge, apply eyeshadow on lids, crease and also to blend it all in! 

14: Flat Fluffy Eye contour Brush (Medium)

This medium sized fluffy eye contour brush helps you create diverse eye makeup looks. This one is not too stiff, not too fluffy. Perfect to apply/blend and create beautiful eye looks. This one is also super convenient to highlight your brow bone.

15: Angled Eyeliner/Brow Brush

Perfect Angled eyeliner and brow brush. Create a pretty winged liner or create eyebrows that can kill!


16: Fine Eyeliner Brush

This one is Small eyeliner brush that can help you achieve fine liner looks and can also be used to highlight the inner corner of your eye! 


17: Brow Brush 

Brow brush, to give that beautiful fine look to your brows!


All brushes can definitely be used in any way that you want! You have the freedom of 16 brushes, which you can create a lot of looks with!


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Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag
Glam Gang Makeup Brush set (16 brushes) with Makeup Bag

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