P12 - Small Pencil Smudger/Smokey Eye Brush

Rs. 299 Rs. 320

Whether you love a smokey shadow under eye or wish to smudge that liner/kohl, this small smudger pencil brush is perfect for you! Cannot stress enough on how lovely and useful this brush is!

- Recommended and loved by top makeup artistry professionals all over the country.

- Made with high quality and soft bristles 

- 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free  



Q- Are these makeup brushes vegan?

A-Yes, Plume Professional makeup brushes are vegan.

Q- How to clean the makeup brushes in the right way?

A-Use a mild shampoo or soap or a makeup brush cleaner to clean the makeup brushes. Squeeze out some shampoo or soap to brush hair. Now, you can rub the brushes on the Silicon Brush cleaner mat to clean the brushes deeply. You can also rub the brushes on the palm of your hand to clean them. Once the brushes are cleaned, rinse them through water. Dry the brushes on a flat surface (on newspaper or on a table) completely before storing them in a standing position. Do not keep the brushes in standing position directly after washing.

Q- Are these makeup brushes easy to use for beginners?

A- The Plume Professional makeup brushes are easy to use for beginners as well as makeup artists. You can watch the numerous Youtube & Instagram tutorials related to our products to learn how to use them in the best way possible.

How to use?

Small Pencil smudger brush has several uses. You can either use it to smudge your eyeliner or to apply an eyeshadow on the under-eye or for applying highlighter/eyeshadow on the inner corner or even for precise application of shades on the eyelid. Dip the brush in eyeshadow and swipe in left/right motions or in round motions depending on the area you are using it in. Repeat until you get the smudged effect that you are looking for.


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