Wet & Dry Sponge Case

Rs. 380 Rs. 435

Introducing our Wet & Dry sponge case! It is made up of silicon and has little ventilation drops that will protect your wet makeup sponges. The case is big enough to hold a big wet sponge and you can also store your dry sponge in it!

Since it's made of silicon, it's flexible and thus very suitable for travelling! You won't have to worry about keeping a wet sponge now, because you can store in this wet & dry Sponge Case.

Here's what you need to know about the Wet & Dry Sponge Case:

- Made of silicon, so is flexible and stretchy, great for travelling & storing in drawers, cupboards etc.

- Big enough to hold a wet makeup sponge

- Has small little windows to prevent fungus on makeup sponges



1 Wet & Dry Sponge Silicon Case


 How to use?

You can store your dry sponge or wet sponge in this silicon case. You can store a used sponge or a washed sponge in the case. If you want to store dry ones, the case can also fit upto two sponges.

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