Plume Beauty has been founded by technology driven people who fell in love with makeup. Our founder is a marketing and tech professional who started dabbling with makeup as a hobby. After using different makeup products and wearing different looks, she realised that technology can be applied to this field in order to increase the efficiency of our makeup tools. That's how Plume beauty was founded.

We all love our makeup sponges. But, we hate how sponges absorb almost half of the product and end up giving a sheer look, and waste a lot of expensive product.

The Plume sponges are made of microfiber velvet technology, which basically has a layer of velvety soft microfiber above the actual sponge. This layer not only prevents the sponge to absorb foundations, concealers, highlighters, powders and what not, but also makes the sponge more durable, soft & prevents it from losing its shape.

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